Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Journey to the Centre of Crafting

Today begins documenting my journey through crafting using a Cricut Expression and the resulting items. I have crafted for many years and many sorts of crafting from nail art, through bobbin lace, through crochet, through knitting and eventually met card making some 5 years or so ago. My children also enjoy many of these crafts. So let us start the journey together, I can take constructive criticsm on the chin as I believe this is the only way to improving. I tend to have a neat and tidy, pretty, precise type style and I am not really into rustic rough and tumble designs - but let us see that may change.

When possible I will post designs, files etc for purchase at a nominal price through PayPal but first I have to learn how to do that!


  1. Liz, Congratulations on joining blog world.
    I look forward to reading it. I too am still learning and one day I will change my background on my blog when I get to grips with doing so.

  2. welcome to blog land Liz you will love it x my gosh i am too busy with everthing else now to tweek my blog basic blue for me would be nice to get some swirly flowers one day though

  3. Welcome to blogland Liz!I love your header! Looking forward to seeung your lovely creations on here


  4. Hiyah Liz!!! welcome to blogland!!!

  5. Hi Liz, congrats on joining blogland. It is a bit daunting at first but great fun. I too am scared though to change my blog in case it all goes wrong, will brave it one day.

  6. Hi Liz,loving your blog so pretty love the flowers and really LOVE the lady birds.Just watch how addictive it gets nearly as bad as cricut.com.