Friday, October 28, 2016

Cricut & Embroidery

Its a long time since I posted but life has been hectic and problematic. Recently I have enjoyed combining different crafts and equipment to make projects. The latest seasonal project I have done is these gorgeous festive decorations.

These cute little stockings can have personalisation of names embroidered on or they can be a unique advent calendar hung on the tree by numbering them. They can remain flat, in which case they have a small pocket at the back to put treats in. Or this pocket can be stuffed and hand stitched up to make the stockings more three dimensional.

Available in two sizes - what could be more seasonal. Perhaps 24 small and one large!

I used the Cricut to cut the felt bases and then my Brother Innovis V5 for the stitching and embroidery. I have to admit I need to practice the felt cutting as in areas it pulls rather than cuts which then ends up with stretched cuts and shrunken cuts so the felt and embroidery don't match as well as they should do - but hopefully I will get there.

My grown up children think these are magical and they each have one and their partners all ready for the tree. When they were young they had personalised baubles, which I have also made for my Grandson but these are a little different and hopefully should last a life time, where as the baubles have been known to go tinkle tinkle and need a new one making!