Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ocean Waterfall

My latest creation is using the oval ocean images from Lilly-Boo's Boutique. I have used four of the six images and created a waterfall card.
Sorry the lighting is not too good on these pictures but they are quite pastel cards.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Candy

Can we ever get bored of the chance to win candy? Well it is the only sort of candy that I know of that will not put on weight! Take a look over at

and participate. if you don't try you can't win!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Polkadoodle Challenge

Polkadoodle is a brand new site and this is my entry for their first challenge. I have never tried a sketch challenge before but after guidance from my friends on the Cricut Message Board Forum, this is my attempt.

This was the sketch:-

I have also used a freebie download from Lilly-Boo's Boutique, again a relatively new site of hand drawn downlaods.
Thanks for taking the time to hop into my blog, especially you half term Mom's where time is a premium. I look forward to reading your comments - if you have a spare moment to make any.

Now if you have another spare moment or two them hop over to Polkadoodle and onto Lilly-Boo's Boutique.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Birth of A New Blog

Today is the birth of a brand new blog. I am not sure how long the labour has been but in recognition of the birth they are giving some lovely candy away. Just look at the picture above.
If you want your chance to win this then pop over to Polka Doodle and leave your comment.
Good luck to those who try.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday Blog Candy

Fellow crafters, take a quick trip over to Passion For Crafts before the opportunity to win this Birthday Candy Runs out. She ships worldwide and the opportunity closes on Saturday 23rd at 10pm (GMT). Go on you never know you could be the lucky winner.

Triangular Challenge

This was my final decision for the trianglar challenge.
I created a bespoke background paper that consisted of interlocking triangles and matted it onto a triangular card base. The background was printed onto a gold shimmery paperstock.
The wrapping on the flowers was cut out as a triangle and the flowers were arranged in a triangular shape.
I had considered also welding the greeting into an overall triangular shape and placing at one of the apex's to the triangle but did not have sufficient time for that, might try that in the future.
I think this could make a masculine card as well if you substituted the flowers with perhaps a drill or a tap or anything masculine.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Challenge of My Own

Today I was battling with two challenges! One was the challenge set by the UK group on the Cricut Message Board which was to be a card created round triangles. The other was a little more pressing, and that was what sort of card should I make for my husbands aunt who will be 102 on Friday. I needed to make this card and get it in the post, as she lives in Ireland.

Eventually I decided after watching inumerable You Tube videos, for inspiration, that I would have a go at making a pop up card similar to the one shown by the SU stamper Dawn.

I am not sure what she would think to my version and I think there could be room for improvement in the basic design. I was quite pleased with the design but rather disappointed how it wobbles around when you are trying to stand it up and you have to be quite firm to make it stay, still and up. At least I did let her know we had not forgotten how old she was!
Tell you more about my other challenge tomorrow!
I never did get round to making a congratulations card for my friend who has got a new job after a stiff interview. Ah well tomorrows another day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lilly-Boo's Butterflies

This is a card I made from an image from Lilly-Boo's Boutique. Lilly-Boo's Boutique is a new blog where beautiful hand drawn images can be found. The artisit's desire is to share her drawing experiences with as wide an audience as possible and she loves to see what people have made with her drawings. She welcomes input and suggestions as to what to draw and lets her mind run wild and what amazing designs she comes up with, suitable for male and female designs.

I have used an unusual approach to this design and I printed the image with a laser printer and then foiled the image with laser foil. I have not chosen to colour the image in but left it as a line drawing. I have cut the base card from the Cricut Wild Card cart and chosen matching silk mirror board to the foiling on the image.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flower Pot Card

As I said when I first started this blog, it was going to be a journey through crafting and reaching the boundaries never before travelled. With this in mind I have had an attempt at my first flower pot card. I have signed up for a swap with the theme of flower pot cards, so I thought I had better practice one.

I am really quite pleased with the design as a first attempt and I have created an svg file for use with Sure Cuts A Lot for the flower pot itself and the insert. The flowers were made from a punch I have and cutting two layers in different colours and gluing them together. The centres of the flowers are micro beads glued in the centre. I attached the flowers to the insert with dimensionals. I also have a small flower pot punch so used that as decoration on the front.

The trials to get the file to this stage did teach me that I prefer using double sided card which have different colours on each side, as when you fold the top edge over it makes a nice bit of detail to what would be the rim of the pot.

I think though I must invest in some cuttlebug embossing folders to add texture and another dimension.

Now to think what I shall attempt next!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fantastic Invitation and The Chance of Blog ........

This morning, whilst having my quiet cup of tea, before the kids and DH get up I discovered a brand new blog. They are having a fantastic relaunch to celebrate their first birthday. I hear you all impatiently saying which blog is it - well without further chat it is Dottie's World. She has a fantastic invitation

As well as this impressive invitation there is blog to give away by the ton or should I now be putting tonne? If anybody is lucky enough to win the candy they will truly be busy, their crafting area will be overflowing with wondeful products. They say a picture paints a thousand words so scan over all this wonderful candy.

Get your creative mojo working and follow this Dollie's blog, you could be the lucky winner!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has left kind comments on this new blog. I am sorry I have nothing new to add but I do appreciate the kind comments it does give me a lovely warm glowey feeling. Mushy I know but true.

Can anybody tell me if I need to alter a setting so that the comments appear underneath the posting rather than in a link that you have to click on to read them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Journey to the Centre of Crafting

Today begins documenting my journey through crafting using a Cricut Expression and the resulting items. I have crafted for many years and many sorts of crafting from nail art, through bobbin lace, through crochet, through knitting and eventually met card making some 5 years or so ago. My children also enjoy many of these crafts. So let us start the journey together, I can take constructive criticsm on the chin as I believe this is the only way to improving. I tend to have a neat and tidy, pretty, precise type style and I am not really into rustic rough and tumble designs - but let us see that may change.

When possible I will post designs, files etc for purchase at a nominal price through PayPal but first I have to learn how to do that!