Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Challenge of My Own

Today I was battling with two challenges! One was the challenge set by the UK group on the Cricut Message Board which was to be a card created round triangles. The other was a little more pressing, and that was what sort of card should I make for my husbands aunt who will be 102 on Friday. I needed to make this card and get it in the post, as she lives in Ireland.

Eventually I decided after watching inumerable You Tube videos, for inspiration, that I would have a go at making a pop up card similar to the one shown by the SU stamper Dawn.

I am not sure what she would think to my version and I think there could be room for improvement in the basic design. I was quite pleased with the design but rather disappointed how it wobbles around when you are trying to stand it up and you have to be quite firm to make it stay, still and up. At least I did let her know we had not forgotten how old she was!
Tell you more about my other challenge tomorrow!
I never did get round to making a congratulations card for my friend who has got a new job after a stiff interview. Ah well tomorrows another day.


  1. This is so pretty Liz you did a great job!

  2. oooh Liz, that is so pretty!! I love pop-ups but find tat if i do one I have to do more!!! they are soooo addictive!!! xxxxx

  3. Great job on this card, Liz! I love making these and have found if I cut the slit very, very thin, it will hold it in place. Plus, I usually take some sort of adhesive bead and put it on the back to "lock" the panel open.