Thursday, September 4, 2014

Missing In Action

Hi Followers

It is some time since I last made a post but life has been hectic and included a nasty car accident for me, as I was forced into the central reservation by a Polish lorry that refused to stop when I had my two daughters and my, then few month old, Grandson in the car with me. Police failed to stop him and it has lead to a nightmare of dealings - thats another story and one best left boxed up else I get on my soap box and don't know when to shut up! Crafting stopped due to injuries, time, hospital appointments and lack of get up and go and restricted physical ability. I am now hoping to kick start myself into blogging more regularly and getting some crafting done. I hope to include new and old techniques and expand the scope of topics to include dies, stencils, stamping, UTH etc.
So fingers crossed to growing followers, divine inspiration and some good posts to share.