Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tri-Shut Card

Men what a problem they are! My brother's birthday and no imagination at all and the time has now run out and I must leap into action. I searched the blogs and saw this idea of a tri-shut card. I searched further and found nice clear instructions on, so I started from here and adapted it a little. This is how the card looks when folded and closed.

Now this is how it looks as you start to open it out.

This is when it is fully opened.

I am totally happy with the mechanics of the card and have created an svg file to cut the base card and also one to cut the separate mats. I have to say I am hoping my brother is more ecstatic over it then I am. I feel the decorating has not got that 'vavoom'! But what can you do for men. I have put a blank mat on the back to actually write our greetings on.

I am left a little flat after burning the midnight oil to get it done as it needs to be in the post today, I would love to hear any constructive comments you all have to make.

Thanks for popping in and looking and listening.


  1. Just wanted to say I only found your site today and it’s really cool. You’ve been very busy and have so many good ideas. Your creations are really cute. I write a London based crafty e-zine and blog named Extremely Crafty Ideas at Would love to hear what you think.

  2. Thxs for the lovely comments,its like lucy says,she goes away for a week and i go crazy,lol,hugs sam xx

  3. Oh Liz don't feel flat this is a stunning card I love the colours and embellishments you've added just right for a male card. Your broter will be thrilled/ You are so clever and creative.

  4. This is just stunning Liz, anyone who gets this would really get the wow factor.
    En xx

  5. What a great card. It is perfect for a man and I'm sure your brother will love it!

  6. Love your tri shut card. Is the svg available for purchase?