Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lots of Layering

I had a card to make for my husband's cousin who will be 66 on Tuesday. I thought of using a giant 66 but decided not to. I decided I would make a card using his name. So using Sure Cuts A Lot I created the welded name. I converted this to an .svg, I then created the name with an oblong welded to it and saved as an .svg. I firstly imported the .svg file with the oblong welded to the name and instead of cutting in normal mode I cut it in shadowed blackout. I then converted the image back to normal mode and imported the name .svg. I lined the 2 .svg files up so that I got the sizes right and then deleted the oblong/name welded file. I firstly cut the name.svg in shadow and then cut it again in normal mode. I then pieced all the layers together producing the card at the top of the post. I saved the 66 foir the inside. I cut a small welded 66 and placed that on the inside matted layer.

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